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Hot cosmetics in JAPAN

This cosmetics is super Hot from last winter.
NIVEA blue can.

The reason is…
The ingredients of this NIVEA is the almost same as “DE LA MER”
And the price is only 1/50 !

Of course, I bought NIVEA 🙂
I use it not only face but also hair as hair treatment after bath.
NIVEA is a moisturizing skin cream.
Nomally my skin become so dry especially in winter but in this winter never.
Also,I noticed the makeup spreads much better!!
The price is good, performance is good!

Let’s try NIVEA for your skin and save your money!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan cosmetics

recommendation cosmetics hot eye mask with relaxation effect

I strongly recommend this eye mask!
This item is very popular in Japan not only female but also male.
hot eye mask

Just take eye mask out of package,
Then,mask automatically become warm with aroma of chamomile!
And put on your eye!
That’s it!!

The warm lasts about 10min.
I always use before going bed.
You can buy everywhere like supermarket,drugstore…
The price is JPY450 for 5pcs.

Do not overslept 😀

I’m waiting your questions and impressions!
Please give me a comment!!