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summer feature in Japan

summer feature in Japan

When most japanese feels “the summer has came” ?
What is the summer feature in Japan?

1.Watch Fireworks
More than 5,000 fireworks festivals are held throughout Japan every year from July to August.
All Japanese likes fireworks because we can feel summer when we watch fireworks.
Young ladies wear “YUKATA” and watch fireworks with beer and food.
There are many stalls and we can enjoy food and drink.
The climax of any firework is a rapid-fire series of bursts called ‘star-mines’.
Hundreds of fireworks are launched to form a blazing curtain in the sky.
Unfortunately I could not go this year.
Still I cannot feel suumer…
If you have a chance to come to Japan in this season, please go to the fireworks festival!
It’s so gorgeous!
please check youtube → fireworks Japan

2.Beer Garden
“Beer garden” means the bar served mainly beer which is set up outside or rooftop of building.
It is opened only in summer from June to September.
See the pictures about beer garden→ click here
Japanese loves beer!
Of course, Not only Male but also young beautiful lady go beer garden to enjoy summer.
Nowadays there are fancy beer garden like “Hawaiian beer garden” with Hawaiian food and the Hula show!!
I’m going to go beer garden in this weekend!
This is the first time and the final of this summer.

3.Music festival
This is a common for other countries.
In Japan there are two major music festival.
One in Fuji rock festival.
This festival held in Ski slope at Naeba,Niigata!
The others is Summer Sonic in Osaka. We calls “samasoni”.
Of course, I couldn’t go…

How about your country??

Basic information in Japan

If you have any problem in Japan suddenly…

I will tell you the important telephone number.

1.About health, call an ambulance… 119
This is an emergency call when you need to call ambulance.
Of course, FREE of charge to use ambulance!

If you get involved in an incident, call police immediately!

3.Call a fire-engine…119
This is the same as call an ambulance.

These are very important.
Only two numbers! 119 and 110.

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan news

sad news

I introduce you about station manager cat “Tama” in Wakayama.
If you want to know about Tama, please click here.

Tama passed away on 22nd June at 16yrs.
The funeral held on 28th June and around 3000 pepole attended.
Not only for Japanese but also foreigners attended the funeral.

She saved small local train.
She is the most famous cat in the world forever.
RIP Tama.

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summer solstice in Japan

summer solstice in Japan

The day on 22nd June was longest at the summer solsticen in Japan.

In Osaka,
Sunrise… 4:45am
Sunset… 7:15pm

In this season, people start to plant rice before (now start in May.).
There are a custom to eat ‘octopus’ in Kansai area to grow up the ear of rice like octopus tentacle!
On the other hand, people toast rice cake to offered to the god in Kanto area.

Actually I didn’t know these custom…

Anyway, the summer solsticen is a sign for start the summer!
And the rainy season will finish soon.
I can’t wait summer!!!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan food

Tutorial for rolled egg

Japanese rolled egg “tamagoyaki” or “dashimaki” is a popular dish in Japanese breakfast or Bento(lunch box).
My mother cook tamagoyaki every morning.

The dirrefence of “tamagoyaki” and “dashimaki” is…
tamagoyaki…plain egg
dashimaki…flavor of dashi(Japanese soup stock made from fish)

I prefer dashimaki!

It looks easy to cook but actually difficult to roll…
I’m still not good… need practice!

・3 eggs
・soy sauce

【How to】
1. Beat all eggs with little sugar,soy sauce and dashi.
2. Heat the pan with oil.
3. put into the pan 2/3 of eggs and gather.
rolled egg
4. add egg and wrap gathered egg (procedure 3) repeat 2 times.
rolled egg
5. cooling and cut rolled egg on the cutting board.
rolled egg

↑ looks bad… need more prctice!
There are exclusive square shaped pan for making Tamagoyaki.
better to use it!
like this! https://goo.gl/R0dUMD

Let’s try for your breakfast or lunch!!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan weather

Rainy season in Japan

Okinawa has already started rainy season.
Rainy season starts from south to north.

rainy season

This is a statistical chart when the rainy season started.
In June, rainy season starts all over the Japan except Hokkaido.
No rainy season in Hokkaido!

In this season, keep on raining everyday but not so heavy You need umbrella.
Sometimes has chance of fair.

This is a statistical chart when the rainy season finished.
rain data

Rainy season lasts over one month…
After this season, The summer comes!!
But next, typhoon season starts till October…

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan map

knowledge about Japan area

Do you know how many prefecture in Japan?

The answer is 47!

This is a japan map.
japan area map

We divide 9 area.
from north to south…

When you watch weather forecast, you can hear this area name.
Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan food

Japanese home cooking

This is my dinner.

Main dish : stir-fried Japanese mustard spinach and bologna sausage and egg.
Soup: Chinese taste soup with cabbage and carrots.
Rice : rice with mixed raw egg and soy sauce.

Japanese eat raw egg.
I also eat raw egg but only with rice.
This is so good! Egg in Japan can eat raw but better to eat except summer.
But I cannot drink raw egg like Rocky Balboa!

I will tell you about cooking in Japan.

The main is so easy.
【PREPARE】 for two
one bunch of Japanese mustard spinach
150g bologna sausage
2 eggs

soy sauce
1/2 tsp sugar

1. cut the japanese mustard spinach into 4-5cm.
and cut bologna sausage into 3-4mm and beat eggs with soy sauce and suger.
2. grease the pan and heat. then stir-fry the bologna sausage. then add Japanese mustard spinach.
3. add a dash of salt and egg.
4. add soy sauce then stir.

That’s it!!
Let’s try!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan food

Today’s lunch ready to eat ~Thailand~

Japanese eat asian food,Indian,Italian,French…
Today’s my lunch was…
Gaprao rice!
This is a ready to eat.
Actually no need to boil but I did.
Also this is good for pasta.
But I tried on rice.
Gaprao is Thai food and fried meat and Cami basil with nampla and an oyster source.

【how to cook】just add on the rice,noodle,pasta.

I just add sunny side up!
This ready to eat was less meat and much soup…
I felt better to add minced meat.
looks like curry rice…
Taste was normal.

In Japan, there are lots of ready to eat for all over the world.
You can buy at any market.
Buy and try various food!!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan food

Ready to cook ~rice noodles~

This is a very famous rice noodle in Japan. In English,Rice vermicelli.
rice noodle

Today I cooked this rice noodle.
This is my first time!

This rice noodle, pork and vegetables.
In my case, shrimp,cabbage,carrot,Bell Pepper. Up to you!

【How to cook】
(1)heat a frying pan and put oil tablespoon 1/2 and put pork and pick up rice vermicelli on the top
and pick up vegetables on rice vermicelli.
(2)pour water 200cc and close the cap and heat over a high heat for three minutes.
(3)three minutes later,take the cap and mix the whole lightly and transfers left water.

That’s it!
No need to add flavor!!!
This is my lunch.
rice noodle
Rice noodle I made.Looks good!
Easy and tasty! perfect!!
You can buy at grocery store.
Let’s try!

Please let me know if you have any comments!