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Ready to cook ~rice noodles~

This is a very famous rice noodle in Japan. In English,Rice vermicelli.
rice noodle

Today I cooked this rice noodle.
This is my first time!

This rice noodle, pork and vegetables.
In my case, shrimp,cabbage,carrot,Bell Pepper. Up to you!

【How to cook】
(1)heat a frying pan and put oil tablespoon 1/2 and put pork and pick up rice vermicelli on the top
and pick up vegetables on rice vermicelli.
(2)pour water 200cc and close the cap and heat over a high heat for three minutes.
(3)three minutes later,take the cap and mix the whole lightly and transfers left water.

That’s it!
No need to add flavor!!!
This is my lunch.
rice noodle
Rice noodle I made.Looks good!
Easy and tasty! perfect!!
You can buy at grocery store.
Let’s try!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

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