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Today’s lunch ready to eat ~Thailand~

Japanese eat asian food,Indian,Italian,French…
Today’s my lunch was…
Gaprao rice!
This is a ready to eat.
Actually no need to boil but I did.
Also this is good for pasta.
But I tried on rice.
Gaprao is Thai food and fried meat and Cami basil with nampla and an oyster source.

【how to cook】just add on the rice,noodle,pasta.

I just add sunny side up!
This ready to eat was less meat and much soup…
I felt better to add minced meat.
looks like curry rice…
Taste was normal.

In Japan, there are lots of ready to eat for all over the world.
You can buy at any market.
Buy and try various food!!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

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