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discount ticket for air

There are two major airline companies in Japan.

Japan Airlines(JAL) and All Nippon Airways(ANA).
Both has special discount domestic ticket for foreigners.

“oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare” is available only to travelers
using one world carriers to and from Japan.
1 sector 10800 yen and you can buy max 5 sectors.
you can buy this ticket at JAL.

Star Alliance Japan Airpass Fare” is available only to travelers using Star Alliance carriers
to and from Japan.
Fare and the condition is the same as JAL oneworld Yokoso / visit Japan fare.
You can buy this ticket at ANA.

But you would like to travel cheaper, please use LCC,
Jetstar Japan or Peach.

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japan airline

LCC in Japan

I had a flight from Osaka to Tokyo by Jetstar Japan.

I always use Japan airlines but this time, I tried to use Low Cost Carrier, Jetstar Japan.
Because the fare is quite different!
This company is the same group of Jetstar, Australia.

The seat is narrow but not uncomfortable for me because this is only 1 hours flight Osaka/Tokyo.
I can stand.

But Jetstar Japan doesn’t have a flight to/from Haneda,Tokyo.
They have only Narita.
This is a problem because from Narita to central Tokyo takes around 2hours by train or bus…
Also, Osaka is not Itami(central Osaka). Kansai International Airport.

You will save your ‘money or time?’

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japan tranportation

The best seat to see Mt.Fuji from train and air

When you travel from Tokyo to Nagoya,Osaka,Kyoto…(from east to west),
or travel from Osaka,Kyoto,Nagoya…to Tokyo(from west to east),
you can see Mt.fuji !

Bullet train
Both way, from east to west, west to east, please reserve “E” window seat.

Air is complicated…
・From Haneda to Komatsu, Chubu,Izumo,Fukuoka,Hiroshima,Nagasaki…”A“Left window.

・From Haneda to Osaka,Kansai,Naha,Miyazaki,Kagoshima,Kochi,Tokushima,Ishigaki,Amamioshima,Nanki shirahama,
…”k” Right window
・From Haneda to Kitakyushu,Kumamoto,Matsuyama,Oita,Okayama,Takamatsu,Yamaguchi Ube…
difficult to see because fly right above Mt.Fuji…

From above these airport to Haneda…”A” Left window.

But this is normal situation, up to condition…
I hope you can enjoy beautiful Mt.Fuji from train and air!!

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japan rail pass

japan rail pass

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is offered by the six companies that make up
the Japan Railways Group.
You can go from Hokkaido(north) to Kagoshima (south) by JR!

This ticket is applicable for temporary visitor.
But take care! you can not get on any reserved or non-reserved seat on “NOZOMI”and “MIZUHO”.
These two are bullet train in Japanese “Shinkansen”.
But we have another bullet train like “Hikari” “Kodama” “Sakura”…etc.

bullet train

It takes about an hour from Haneda airport to Itami(Osaka) airport by airplane.
On the other hand, it takes 3hours from Tokyo to Shinosaka by bullet train “Hikari”.
But you can enjoy the beautiful view from the window.

Next, I will give you a special information, you can to see Mt. Fuji from train and air!
Mt Fuji from air

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japan airline

Airline company in Japan

There are 2 major airline companies in Japan. These are full service.
One is JAPAN AIRLINES = JAL= a member of oneworld alliance
Another is All Nippon Airways = ANA = a star alliance member

And these 3 companies are LCC
Peach Aviation
Jetstar Japan
vanilla air

These 2 companies are full-service but fare is lower than Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

Mainly I use Japan airlines because I’m a card holder of oneworld.
But if I have a chance I’d like to use LCC.
The fare is totally different!!

Please contact me if you’d like to tell me your suggestions and questions!

train route finder

convenient site to find Train Route

You came to Japan and you’re now Shibuya.
and you want to go to Akihabara by train.
How do you check the way to Akihabara?

There is convenient web site!
The name is…【NORIKAE ANNAI】in japanese
means Train Route Finder.
Most Japanese also use these kind of sites to find train!


Train Route Finder
just input few things!
FYI Green=first class

result of norikae
↑ This is the result screen.
This means take JR Yamanote-line and change train at Yoyogi station to JR Chuo-Sobu line.
Total fare is JPY200. It takes 22min.
See!! you can reach your destination easily!!

There is an application for iphone and android.
Please check【NAVITME for Japan Travel】on iTunes App Store or Google Play.
But This is only for Tokyo and near Tokyo(metropolitan) area… 🙁
So better to use 【NORIKAE ANNAI】 because this site coveres all area and free!

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