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japan airline

LCC in Japan

I had a flight from Osaka to Tokyo by Jetstar Japan.

I always use Japan airlines but this time, I tried to use Low Cost Carrier, Jetstar Japan.
Because the fare is quite different!
This company is the same group of Jetstar, Australia.

The seat is narrow but not uncomfortable for me because this is only 1 hours flight Osaka/Tokyo.
I can stand.

But Jetstar Japan doesn’t have a flight to/from Haneda,Tokyo.
They have only Narita.
This is a problem because from Narita to central Tokyo takes around 2hours by train or bus…
Also, Osaka is not Itami(central Osaka). Kansai International Airport.

You will save your ‘money or time?’

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tokyo sightseeing

sightseeing in Tokyo

I tell you the reason why Odaiba is popular for tourists who came from outside Japan.
If you missed my blog about odaiba, first click HERE and check!!

The answer is…
oedo onsen
Oedo-onsen monogatari』in Odaiba!
You can enjoy various type of Onsen here.
and you can experience traditional japan!
shop at oedo onsen
You can eat japanese food, buy souvenir, play games, wear Yukata(like japanese kimono)!
Here is very fun for Japanese too.
That’s why traveler chose here!!

Oedo-onsen has free shuttle bus service.
Check official website click HERE!!

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japan news

Olympic in Tokyo

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo from 24 July – 9 August 2020!!
This is the 2nd time in Tokyo. Previously hosted the 1964 Summer Olympic Games.
The 4th Olympic games in Japan.

This is Tokyo tower with Olympic colour!!
Tokyo tower

Tokyo has small space but 90% of games will be held in Tokyo.
So you can move easily!
This is the good point!

I ‘m looking forward to seeing Olympic games in Tokyo.
I can’t wait!!!

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disneyland japan

Tokyo Disney resort

Everybody loves disney resort!!
In Japan,there are two parks. one is 『Tokyo disneyland』.
Another is 『Tokyo disney sea』.

Both are located in Maihama,Chiba. ※Not Tokyo!
Everybody says Disney land is a park for family, Disney sea is for adult.
And in Disney land you cannot drink alcohol but Disney sea can drink.
Disney sea has big lake in the center of park.
I love the show on the lake!
And Sea has hotel inside park 『Hotel Miracosta
Someday,I’d like to stay…
Around these park, there are disney hotels and official hotels.
When I go to Dinsney, 1st day, I go to Disneyland and stay hotel one night,
then 2nd day, I go to Disney sea.Because Both I’d like to go :-)

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tokyo japan

Ghibli Museum

Do you know 『Ghibuli museum』?
『Studio Ghibuli』 is a Japanese animation film studio in Tokyo.
The studio is best known for its anime feature films,
and has also produced several short films, television commercials,
and one television film.

The most famouse filme is 『sen to chihiro no kamikakushi』and
got prize of Internationale Film festival in Berlin, Academy Awards!

Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket.
You can buy your country. details ckick here.
In Japan, you can buy at Lawson (convenience store/corner store).
details click here.

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Tokyo sightseeing

Tokyo sightseeing aquarium in Ikebukuro

There is an aquarium on the top of building in Ikebukuro Tokyo!
The height is 40 meter from the ground.
The building is 『Sunshine city

There are 3 zones.

①waterfront journey
waterfront journey

②ocean journey

③sky journey
sky swimming
Looks like flying in the sky!
Everybody likes penguin!
soooo cute ;)

I totally forgot here is Ikebukuro…

now cleanimg…

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Tokyo sightseeing

Hato Bus Tour in Tokyo

If you want to go sightseeing in Tokyo or around Tokyo efficiently,
Join 『Hato Bus』 tour.
This tour is very famous so Japanese also join this tour.
Of course, They has English and Chinese tour.

I’m interested in 【[R353(Walking Tour)] Asakusa Replica Food Making and Rickshaw Ride Tour】!
This is very unique!
Make your own wax food sample-a great souvenir :-)
And Asakusa is very popular for traveler.
I’ve never get rickshaw…

My friends also joined this tour.(even though Business trip!!)
If you do not have enough time to see in Tokyo,
you can go sight seeing efficiently!

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japan tokyo

Hotel Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
So most of foreigners will visit Tokyo.
I recommend you to stay Mandarin Oriental Tokyo!!

You know, Mandarin oriental is one of the famous hotel in the world.
But I have a special reason to recommend this hotel especially in Tokyo.
The reason is…
Tokyo Skytree from mandarin oriental
Look! That is TOKYO SKYTREE! Amazing!!!
You can enjoy SKYTREE in your room!!

I stayed deluxe room.
Mandarion Oriental Tokyo
Room has enough space.
I thought I’d like to see this view all the night…

The Breakfast at K’SHIKI is great,too.
K’SHIKI is on the 38th floor so you can enjoy panoramic views.
If sky is clear, you can see Mt. FUJI!!

For more details, Please click here.

total ★★★★★
room ★★★★★
view ★★★★★
cost ★★★★☆
staff ★★★★★
location ★★★★★
restaurant ★★★★★

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