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Tokyo Disney resort

Everybody loves disney resort!!
In Japan,there are two parks. one is 『Tokyo disneyland』.
Another is 『Tokyo disney sea』.

Both are located in Maihama,Chiba. ※Not Tokyo!
Everybody says Disney land is a park for family, Disney sea is for adult.
And in Disney land you cannot drink alcohol but Disney sea can drink.
Disney sea has big lake in the center of park.
I love the show on the lake!
And Sea has hotel inside park 『Hotel Miracosta
Someday,I’d like to stay…
Around these park, there are disney hotels and official hotels.
When I go to Dinsney, 1st day, I go to Disneyland and stay hotel one night,
then 2nd day, I go to Disney sea.Because Both I’d like to go 🙂

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