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Sim card Japan

Where can you get SIM card

I lived Delhi before because of my business.
When I came back to Japan for temporary return,
I always had problem with SIM card…
But now, you can buy SIM card at majour international airport!!

Actually, Japan had no SIM free mobile until iPhone 5s was released.
Now SIM card become popular!

①【Prepaid LTE SIM issued by So-net】
You can get major airport Narita, Haneda, Kansai etc. and
train station at Tokyo, Kyoto and some home appliances shops.
If you need more details, please check here!

・1GB for 30days … 3000Yen
・2.2GB for 30days … 4000Yen
・3GB for 30days … 5000Yen

This is convinient to get SIM card but expensive…:’-(

I will give you another SIM card information!
See you next!

Can you give me a impressions of this blog and questions!!