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No.1 in Japan

Today I will tell you the No.1 of Japan!

Q1 Where is the longest river in Japan? A. Tone river in Nagano and Niigata (367km)
F.Y.I. No.1 in the world is the Nile 6650km!!!

Q2 Where is the largest population in Japan? A. Tokyo. around 13 million!
No.2 Kanagawa 9 million
No.3 Osaka 8.8 million

Q3 Where is the most highest “average life span”? A male…Nagano 80.88 years old!
female…Nagano 87.18 years old!!
No.2 Shiga 80.58 yrs(male). shimane 87.07 yrs(female).
No.3 Fukui 80.47 yrs(male). Okinawa 87.02 yrs(female).
The shortest…Aomori 77.28 yrs(male). Aomori 85.34 yrs(female).
The average in Japan… male 79.59 yrs. female 86.35 yrs.

Please let me know if you have any comments!