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hotel japan

hotel dormy inn

I tell you the cheap and good hotel !
That’s is…『dormy inn』.

There are lots of dormy inn in Japan!
They have a large public bath!
public bath
This is a image…
If you stay in 『Ryokan』(Japanese style hotel),there is Big public bath『Onsen』
but most of hotels doesn’t have Onsen.
This is very good service!!!

And they have original soup noodle『Yonakisoba』.
This is also image for noodle.
If you feel hungry, you can eat this noodle at midnight!!

I stayed before,and it cost 6500yen!
But it depends on the date.
I strongly recommend dormy inn 🙂

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Narita hotel

Hotel in Narita

When I have to stay in Narita for transit, I always stay 『Hotel Nikko Narita

This is JAL(Japan airlines) group hotel.
This hotel has free bus from Airport to Hotel and Hotel to Airport.
And it takes only 15 min between Hotel and Airport!

This hotel has Lawson (convenience store,corner shop) on ground floor!
My recommendation is Sunset lounge on 11th Floor.
Especially at night, the view is so beautiful.
You can enjoy night light of Narita airport and cocktails!

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yokohama japan

hotel in Yokohama

I love Yokohama.
When I come to Yokohama,I stay 『Yokohama grand intercontinental hotel』.
It takes only 5min by walk from Minatomirai station.
yokohama grand intercontinental hotel
This hotel is one of the landmark of Minatomirai.
It takes around 40min from Tokyo.
I think Yokohama looks like Kobe. Both of them are port city and has China town!

At night,I go to chinatown for dinner. It takes only 10min by car.
china town
china town

The room is enough space and enjoy city view at night.
This is superior room with city view.
intercontinental hotel

total ★★★★☆
room ★★★☆☆
view ★★★★☆
cost ★★★★☆
staff ★★★★★
location ★★★★☆

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okinawa japan

hotel in Okinawa

Today,I introduce you a hotel in Okinawa『JAL private resort okuma
This is Japan airlines group hotel.
Okuma is the name of place and takes 2hours by car from Naha airport.
I stayed 2 nights in December.

This is entrance of hotel.

I stayed 『Garden Villa』
garden villa
This is my room 🙂
garden villa
I can enjoy garden view!
garden view
View from my room
view from my room

Hammock in the garden!

Big bell at private beach.
If you ring this bell you may be happy!?
big bell
beautiful sunset from BBQ restaurant 『beach side』
beautiful sunset

Big Christmas tree in the garden
Christmas tree
entrance with light
entrance with light
night garden
night garden

total ★★★★★
room ★★★★☆
view ★★★★★
cost ★★★★★
staff ★★★★★
restaurant ★★★★☆

Please try Okinawa local food restaurant 『Okame』!
I had wonderful time!!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan tokyo

Hotel Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
So most of foreigners will visit Tokyo.
I recommend you to stay Mandarin Oriental Tokyo!!

You know, Mandarin oriental is one of the famous hotel in the world.
But I have a special reason to recommend this hotel especially in Tokyo.
The reason is…
Tokyo Skytree from mandarin oriental
Look! That is TOKYO SKYTREE! Amazing!!!
You can enjoy SKYTREE in your room!!

I stayed deluxe room.
Mandarion Oriental Tokyo
Room has enough space.
I thought I’d like to see this view all the night…

The Breakfast at K’SHIKI is great,too.
K’SHIKI is on the 38th floor so you can enjoy panoramic views.
If sky is clear, you can see Mt. FUJI!!

For more details, Please click here.

total ★★★★★
room ★★★★★
view ★★★★★
cost ★★★★☆
staff ★★★★★
location ★★★★★
restaurant ★★★★★

Can you give me a impressions of this blog or questions/requests!

Okinawa japan

Hotel in Okinawa, The Busena Terrace

In this time, I introduce you the luxury hotel at Busena.

『The Busena Terrace』
hotel the busena terrace
↑ this pic is only one part of hotel!

Busena is the name of place and it locate on 75km north east,
takes 1hrs10min by car from Naha airport.

opened lobby
Opened lobby!!!

ocean view from lobby
and ocean view from lobby!
but sky is not clear today…8^(

private beach
this is a private beach!
but in winter I cannot swim…

ovean view from room
I booked standard garden view room but I can see the ocean from my room!
upgraded by hotel?

twin bed room
Room is not so big but clean and cozy!

total ★★★★☆
room ★★★☆☆
view ★★★★★
cost ★★★★☆
staff ★★★★★
restaurant: no experience

There are lot of luxury hotel in Okinawa but I’d like to stay again
and stay few days to enjoy all facilities!(this time only one night…)

Hotel has free shuttle bus service from naha-city.
If you need more details, please check their website The Busena Terrace
or contact me.

Also I’m waiting for your questions and impressions!