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national malady pollen allergy

Most Japanese suffers from pollen allergy.
This is the “national malady”.

There are many kinds of pollen allergy,
cedar,cypress,rice, ragweed… and so on.

Especially from March to First of May,
it’s really hard…
keep on sneezing, fever, like a cold.
So, many peaple wearing a mask to prevent pollen.
Sometimes this mask is useful for ladies because no need to put on makeup 🙂

Some people cannot hang the washing out on the balcony
because pollen will stick to the clothes!

You have a pollen allergy suddenly!
Take care!!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

2 thoughts on “japan culture

  1. Josh

    Hi do you know what plant is the most pollen now? I had no pollen allergies in March and April but now in May it is very bad! How long does it last?


    1. admin_bussiness Post author

      Hi! I think You are gramineous hay fever. it will be better by JULY. But there are gramineous pollen all the year…
      I hope you will feel better soon!


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