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Japanese culture OMIKUJI

Do you know omikuji?
Japanese people like to buy omikuji.
Omikuji can buy in shrines and temples.

This is a omikuji.
Omikuji = Draw your fortune.
This paper show my feature!
It helps people make decisions the outcome of future plans.

My total luck is “Great blessing” (大吉 daikichi)!
“Daikichi”(great blessing) is the best, and “Daikyo”(bad luck) is the worst.
And this paper shows about my study,marriage,transfer,health,love…etc.
It’s costs only 100yen(the most of shrines and temples).
When you’ve picked the “Daikyo”, you have to tie it like below.
If you draw lucky, you can carry.

Some temples has omikuji written in English,
so let’s try!

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japan culture

national malady pollen allergy

Most Japanese suffers from pollen allergy.
This is the “national malady”.

There are many kinds of pollen allergy,
cedar,cypress,rice, ragweed… and so on.

Especially from March to First of May,
it’s really hard…
keep on sneezing, fever, like a cold.
So, many peaple wearing a mask to prevent pollen.
Sometimes this mask is useful for ladies because no need to put on makeup :-)

Some people cannot hang the washing out on the balcony
because pollen will stick to the clothes!

You have a pollen allergy suddenly!
Take care!!

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japan culture

Japanese sports “SUMO”

Sumo is the national sport in Japan. It is a kind of martial art where two sumo wrestlers,
or rikishi, fight in a ring, or dohyo.
As you may already know, a wrestler loses the bout if he is forced out of the ring,
or if any part of his body other than the soles of his feet touch the ground.


To be a sumo wrestler, you must be at least 173 centimeters tall and weigh 75 kilograms.
It is said that some people who were not tall or heavy enough,
hit their heads to get a lump or drink a lot of water before the measurement.
There was one wrestler who even had surgery to put silicon on the top of his head before the measurement.
You see many sumo wrestlers, however, who are taller than 180 cm and weigh over 100kg.
They have their hair tied up in a certain style, called oicho.
This is not just a matter of aesthetics, but protects the wrestlers’ heads when they go head-to-head
at the beginning of the match or if they fall out of the ring.

The Japan Sumo Association holds six tournaments, or hon-basho, each year.
Tokyo hosts hon-basho in January, May and September, Osaka plays host in March,
Nagoya in July and Fukuoka in November.
Sumo wrestlers wear a silk belt, or mawashi, which is 10 meters long and weighs four to five kilograms.
They also attach fringes, or sagari, which have 17 to 21 strings to the belt.

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japan culture

Japanese culture

Today’s topic is 『Bonsai』.

flower bonsai

Bonsai is the horticultural art of miniature potted tree and plants
which have been grown for a long time to look as they appear in nature.

Recently, bonsai gathered attention overseas and
there has been a trend towards seeing it in a new light, and as a new awareness of bonsai
has grown as it has become a stylish hobby among young people.

The evaluation of ” JAPANESE BONSAI” is very high in the world,
there are professional books in the United States, Spain, and France.
In Italy, there are bonsai universities and museums!

There are 『bonsai village』in Saitama city, Saitama.
People who loves bonsai and bonsai suppliers gather here.
So, many tourists from overseas also visit here!
If you have a interested in Bonsai, you must visit !!

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