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Japanese culture OMIKUJI

Do you know omikuji?
Japanese people like to buy omikuji.
Omikuji can buy in shrines and temples.

This is a omikuji.
Omikuji = Draw your fortune.
This paper show my feature!
It helps people make decisions the outcome of future plans.

My total luck is “Great blessing” (大吉 daikichi)!
“Daikichi”(great blessing) is the best, and “Daikyo”(bad luck) is the worst.
And this paper shows about my study,marriage,transfer,health,love…etc.
It’s costs only 100yen(the most of shrines and temples).
When you’ve picked the “Daikyo”, you have to tie it like below.
If you draw lucky, you can carry.

Some temples has omikuji written in English,
so let’s try!

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japan culture

Zen experience

Do you know “ZEN”?


Human being think selfish.
This behavior makes “Kleshas” like worries,anger,resentment,jealousy and desire.
ZEN can remove all Kleshas.

Steve Job met ZEN in 1970’s and visit KOKE-DERA(temple) incognito in Kyoto with his family.
Zen had a great influence on him.
※Next I will tell you about KOKE-DERA. Here is a World Heritage! so beautiful!

If you have interested in ZEN, please visit “SHUNKO-IN”.
You can experience ZEN with English explanation.
Cost is 2000 yen and you have to make a reservation before visit.
Please check the schedule and contact.
For more details, click HERE!

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