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Japanese culture OMIKUJI

Do you know omikuji?
Japanese people like to buy omikuji.
Omikuji can buy in shrines and temples.

This is a omikuji.
Omikuji = Draw your fortune.
This paper show my feature!
It helps people make decisions the outcome of future plans.

My total luck is “Great blessing” (大吉 daikichi)!
“Daikichi”(great blessing) is the best, and “Daikyo”(bad luck) is the worst.
And this paper shows about my study,marriage,transfer,health,love…etc.
It’s costs only 100yen(the most of shrines and temples).
When you’ve picked the “Daikyo”, you have to tie it like below.
If you draw lucky, you can carry.

Some temples has omikuji written in English,
so let’s try!

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japan custom

New Year’s style in Japan

Happy New Years!!!

Most offices and businesses are closed during the first three days of January.
Families and relatives gather to celebrate the new year.

new years party
This is today’s menu!
Japanese sushi, Italian, Chinese… with Beer, wine!
cheese cake
This is cheese cake I made :-)

On New Year’s Day, people pay a visit to shrine to pray for happiness and good health.
But today was snowy with strong wind and cold so I could’n t go…
I have to go ASAP!
『Omikuji』 is a piece of paper which can be got in the most shrines during the New Year.
You can pick it up at random and on the paper, it is saying how lucky you are.
You might see in shrines many paper fortune is fastened to trees or ropes like this.
There are some explains for this custom and major one is like this.
“If the paper says you’ll have excellent luck this year, you should bring it on your person.
However, if it says bad luck might strike you this year,
you can fasten it up to a tree or a rope in the shrine and you can escape from the bad luck.”
This custom is stem from not only religious belief but traditional behavior.

I wish you a year full of love, joy and good luck!

Please let me know if you have any comments!