japan culture

Japanese culture

Today’s topic is 『Bonsai』.

flower bonsai

Bonsai is the horticultural art of miniature potted tree and plants
which have been grown for a long time to look as they appear in nature.

Recently, bonsai gathered attention overseas and
there has been a trend towards seeing it in a new light, and as a new awareness of bonsai
has grown as it has become a stylish hobby among young people.

The evaluation of ” JAPANESE BONSAI” is very high in the world,
there are professional books in the United States, Spain, and France.
In Italy, there are bonsai universities and museums!

There are 『bonsai village』in Saitama city, Saitama.
People who loves bonsai and bonsai suppliers gather here.
So, many tourists from overseas also visit here!
If you have a interested in Bonsai, you must visit !!

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