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japan transportation

discount ticket for air

There are two major airline companies in Japan.

Japan Airlines(JAL) and All Nippon Airways(ANA).
Both has special discount domestic ticket for foreigners.

“oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare” is available only to travelers
using one world carriers to and from Japan.
1 sector 10800 yen and you can buy max 5 sectors.
you can buy this ticket at JAL.

Star Alliance Japan Airpass Fare” is available only to travelers using Star Alliance carriers
to and from Japan.
Fare and the condition is the same as JAL oneworld Yokoso / visit Japan fare.
You can buy this ticket at ANA.

But you would like to travel cheaper, please use LCC,
Jetstar Japan or Peach.

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japan free wifi

Free wifi service only for East of Japan

Last time, I told you “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi ”
If you missed this information, please click here.

NTT East,one of the biggest telecommunications company in Japan,
starts to provide free wifi service for foreigners.
This is available for 14 days.
BUT! this service is available only in East of Japan like Tokyo, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Yokohama, Nagano, Nikko, Kusatsu,Tohoku, Hokkaido…etc.
So you can not use this service in West of Japan Osaka, Kyoto, Nara,
Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Okinawa.

First, you have to download app 『NAVITIME for Japan Travel』 from App store or google play
before come to Japan.
Then once you reach in Japan, you have to obtain a card on which the ID and password
are written at Narita airport, Sapporo airport, Isetan Mitsukoshi department store…etc.
For more details, please click here.

This is a sign.
Free wifi NTT East

If you use Japan Airlines(JAL), you can get ID and Password on JAL website.
Please check HERE!

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okinawa japan

hotel in Okinawa

Today,I introduce you a hotel in Okinawa『JAL private resort okuma
This is Japan airlines group hotel.
Okuma is the name of place and takes 2hours by car from Naha airport.
I stayed 2 nights in December.

This is entrance of hotel.

I stayed 『Garden Villa』
garden villa
This is my room :-)
garden villa
I can enjoy garden view!
garden view
View from my room
view from my room

Hammock in the garden!

Big bell at private beach.
If you ring this bell you may be happy!?
big bell
beautiful sunset from BBQ restaurant 『beach side』
beautiful sunset

Big Christmas tree in the garden
Christmas tree
entrance with light
entrance with light
night garden
night garden

total ★★★★★
room ★★★★☆
view ★★★★★
cost ★★★★★
staff ★★★★★
restaurant ★★★★☆

Please try Okinawa local food restaurant 『Okame』!
I had wonderful time!!

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