japan free wifi

Where you can use free wifi service in Japan?

This is one of the biggest problem for tourists “lack of free wifi access”…
When I travel abroad, I always buy SIM card at airport.
Now you can buy SIM card in Japan but it is so expensive.
Moreover, lack of free wifi access…
Too bad!!

TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi project has just started from last December.
You can use free wifi total 240,000 places in Japan at airport,starbucks…etc.
Many companies start up this project like Wi2(this is main telecommunications company),
Japan Airlines, Bic Camera, Kyoto-city, Kobe-city and JCB…etc.
To receive this service, You have to download application from Google Play or App Store.
Of course this application is free.
But there is limitation to use this wifi just download.
You can use only basic area.
But you get code from each company and input it, you can use wide area.
Also, you can receive useful information like shop voucher, sightseeing information etc.

For more details, please click here.

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