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Hotel Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
So most of foreigners will visit Tokyo.
I recommend you to stay Mandarin Oriental Tokyo!!

You know, Mandarin oriental is one of the famous hotel in the world.
But I have a special reason to recommend this hotel especially in Tokyo.
The reason is…
Tokyo Skytree from mandarin oriental
Look! That is TOKYO SKYTREE! Amazing!!!
You can enjoy SKYTREE in your room!!

I stayed deluxe room.
Mandarion Oriental Tokyo
Room has enough space.
I thought I’d like to see this view all the night…

The Breakfast at K’SHIKI is great,too.
K’SHIKI is on the 38th floor so you can enjoy panoramic views.
If sky is clear, you can see Mt. FUJI!!

For more details, Please click here.

total ★★★★★
room ★★★★★
view ★★★★★
cost ★★★★☆
staff ★★★★★
location ★★★★★
restaurant ★★★★★

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