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weather in Japan in December

Winter season came to Japan.

It’s so cold especially Hokkaido and Tohoku area (north part of Japan).
Max temperature is under 0℃ = 32°F &-|
But Okinawa (south part of Japan) area has around 20℃ = 68°F.
In this season, Okinawa is a paradise for Japanese :-)
Japan is small country but climate is quite different from north and south.

Other area like Tokyo, Tyoto, Fukuoka is almost same climate.
Max temperature is around 10℃ = 50°F.

You need a warm going coat.
If you cannot to get coat at your country… don’t worry!
You can buy at Airport! Narita / Haneda / Kansai / Nagoya etc.
These airport has UNIQLO :-))

If you want to check daily or one week forecast, please click here.This is Japan Meteorological Agency website.
Also this site has disaster information like earthquake / Tusnami / volcanic.
This is very useful!!

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