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Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan

It has been a long time since I last updated this blog…
How have you been?

Last week I went to Seoul,Korea and Korea was so cold that I caught a cold…

The long-range forecast says it will be a mild winter in this year in Japan.
It’s good news for me!

Christmas will come soon.
Many streets and buildings are decorated with lights during the Christmas season in Japan.
christmas decoration in tokyo
In Japan, Christmas is like a festival not sacred event.
And Unmarried people spend time with their friends or lovers rather than with their family.

Some couples stay luxurious hotels or enjoy meal at a gorgeous restaurant,
and exchange gifts. The most popular gift is “jewelry”. (especially pair jewelry!)
Christmas is important event for Japanese especially couples.

I will spend time with my husband on Christmas Eve 24th Dec.
On 25th Dec. I will enjoy christmas with my friends!

japan wether

weather in Japan in December

Winter season came to Japan.

It’s so cold especially Hokkaido and Tohoku area (north part of Japan).
Max temperature is under 0℃ = 32°F &-|
But Okinawa (south part of Japan) area has around 20℃ = 68°F.
In this season, Okinawa is a paradise for Japanese 🙂
Japan is small country but climate is quite different from north and south.

Other area like Tokyo, Tyoto, Fukuoka is almost same climate.
Max temperature is around 10℃ = 50°F.

You need a warm going coat.
If you cannot to get coat at your country… don’t worry!
You can buy at Airport! Narita / Haneda / Kansai / Nagoya etc.
These airport has UNIQLO :-))

If you want to check daily or one week forecast, please click here.This is Japan Meteorological Agency website.
Also this site has disaster information like earthquake / Tusnami / volcanic.
This is very useful!!

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