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japan airline

LCC in Japan

I had a flight from Osaka to Tokyo by Jetstar Japan.

I always use Japan airlines but this time, I tried to use Low Cost Carrier, Jetstar Japan.
Because the fare is quite different!
This company is the same group of Jetstar, Australia.

The seat is narrow but not uncomfortable for me because this is only 1 hours flight Osaka/Tokyo.
I can stand.

But Jetstar Japan doesn’t have a flight to/from Haneda,Tokyo.
They have only Narita.
This is a problem because from Narita to central Tokyo takes around 2hours by train or bus…
Also, Osaka is not Itami(central Osaka). Kansai International Airport.

You will save your ‘money or time?’

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan airline

Airline company in Japan

There are 2 major airline companies in Japan. These are full service.
One is JAPAN AIRLINES = JAL= a member of oneworld alliance
Another is All Nippon Airways = ANA = a star alliance member

And these 3 companies are LCC
Peach Aviation
Jetstar Japan
vanilla air

These 2 companies are full-service but fare is lower than Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

Mainly I use Japan airlines because I’m a card holder of oneworld.
But if I have a chance I’d like to use LCC.
The fare is totally different!!

Please contact me if you’d like to tell me your suggestions and questions!