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japan shopping

Outlet in Rinku town

If you use Kansai international airport in Osaka,
please visit “RINKU PREMIUM OUTLET“.

Here is only 5 minutes (next to Kansai airport terminal) by train.
Many foreigners visit here to enjoy shopping!
rinku premium outlet
Also, they have restaurants.

Let’s enjoy shopping and food in Riku premium outlet before flight.
But!! please take care about over weight or pieces for check-in baggage!

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japan airline

LCC in Japan

I had a flight from Osaka to Tokyo by Jetstar Japan.

I always use Japan airlines but this time, I tried to use Low Cost Carrier, Jetstar Japan.
Because the fare is quite different!
This company is the same group of Jetstar, Australia.

The seat is narrow but not uncomfortable for me because this is only 1 hours flight Osaka/Tokyo.
I can stand.

But Jetstar Japan doesn’t have a flight to/from Haneda,Tokyo.
They have only Narita.
This is a problem because from Narita to central Tokyo takes around 2hours by train or bus…
Also, Osaka is not Itami(central Osaka). Kansai International Airport.

You will save your ‘money or time?’

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japan food

japanese food kushikatsu

“Kushi katsu” is ‘deep-fried breaded meat or vegetables on skewers’
or ‘Japanese style of deep-fried kebab’.



Dip kushikatsu in Worcester sauce and eat it.
A cabbage also dip in Worcester sauce.
No double dipping, please!!

Worcester sauce is more popular in the western Japan.
So kushikatsu is famous in Osaka.
Osakan food like “Takoyaki” and “Okonokiyaki” also wat with Worcester sauce.
If you want to know about “Takoyaki” and “Okonomiyaki” , please click here!
Kushikatsu is match with beer!

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osaka Japan

sightseeing in Japan

Umeda sky building』(Kita-ku, Osaka), known for “Hanging Gardens”
on the ground 40th floors are surging foreign tourists.
umeda skybuilding
Visitors about 15 million people in the past highest pace this year from Europe and Asia.
British newspaper Times Alongside such as the Parthenon of world heritage (Greek) introduces
the “building of 20 of the world’s leading”,
it is because foreigners travel guide book was picked as the “future of the the Arc de Triomphe.”.
Lifted in amazing representation, it has attracted a new attention as an international tourist spot.

Floating Garden Observatory is located in the height 173 meters.
You can enjoy 360° scenary and you can see Awaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture) on clear day!

Umeda sky building has been attracted from all over the world.
you can not miss it !!!

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osaka japan

Sightseeing in Osaka

Osaka is 2nd largest city in Japan.
There are lot of place to visit!

This is the symbol of Osaka!
The left billboard (a man is running) is symbol of Osaka.
『Glico』 is a name of famous food company and this billboard started in 1935!

map shinsaibashi
↑ from google map

Here is 『Shinsaibashi』and many tourists visit here.
I think Shinsaibashi is the most famous and powerful place in Osaka.
There are many shops,restaurant,bar,etc…you can buy everything what you want,
you can eat everything you want!!!
So Shinsaibashi is always crowded…
You cannot miss here!!!

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japan Osaka

Japanese food in Osaka

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki is Osakan food!

This is Okonomiyaki.
Standard Okonomiyaki is… first,mix with flour and Cabbage and egg
then,grill with pork. It’s like Japanese pizza??

This is Takoyaki.
Almost same as Okonomiyaki. but not pork. with octopus.
Looks like ball.
Both eat with sweet source and mayonnaise.

You can eat everywhere in Osaka especially Shinsaibashi.
Shinsaibashi is the most busy place in Osaka and You can feel ”This is Osaka!” :)

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