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Outlet in Rinku town

If you use Kansai international airport in Osaka,
please visit “RINKU PREMIUM OUTLET“.

Here is only 5 minutes (next to Kansai airport terminal) by train.
Many foreigners visit here to enjoy shopping!
rinku premium outlet
Also, they have restaurants.

Let’s enjoy shopping and food in Riku premium outlet before flight.
But!! please take care about over weight or pieces for check-in baggage!

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shopping japan

Popular gift,souvenir in Japan

I told you what is the popular for souvenir before.
If you missed it, please click here.

No.1 is….『Kitkat』
This is famous and everybody knows.
In Japan, there are lot of flavors.
I found kitkat shop 『Daimaru Tokyo』.
Daimaru is a famous department store.
The name of shop is『kit kat chocolatory

kitkat chocolatory
Kit Kat chocolate tolly is engaged in development since 2003.
Owner chef of “Le Patissier Takagi” , Mr.Yasumasa Takagi is fully supervised “Kit Kat”.
The shop name “Chocolatory” is combined the chocolatier and chocolate factory.
Shop of such forms are deployed in more than 70 countries and regions and
it is the world’s first attempt as a “Kit Kat” brand.

If you have a chance to go Tokyo,
Please visit and buy special kitkat for yourself and gift!

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New year’s holiday in Japan

Most offices and businesses are closed during the first three days of January.
New Year’s holiday is also a time for big sales!
Department stores and malls sell lucky bags 『Fukubukuro』in Japanese
full of valuable goods when they open after the start of the new year.

This is all fukubukuro that my mom bought!
She bought 10 fukubukuro!!!

coffee fukubukuro
This is coffee fukubukuro. The price was 1000yen
But this fukubukuro has value around 3000yen I think.

The other one.
You want to see inside?
This is towel “Shu Uemura” total 5pcs inside. valuable!

If you have a chance,please come to Japan in New year and try to buy fukubukuro!

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shopping at shopping complex

In Japan, there are many shopping complex.
shopping complex
Now 『Aeon mall』is the most popular shopping complex in Japan.
This complex has lots of fashion stores like ZARA, Uniqulo, Forever21… and
restaurants,book store,cosmetics store and grocery store…etc.
You can buy everything what you want in this mall!

When I travel other country, I always go local shopping complex
because I can know what is the popular in this country.
Especially I like grocery store!
I buy local foods♡
In this aeon mall has huge grocery store so you can buy Japanese food and import also!!
Let’s enjoy shopping in Japan!!

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muji japan

shopping at Muji

Muji』is a shop selling foods, clothes,cosmetics,stationery,furniture,etc.
All items are simple and basic and the price is not expensive.
Muji start to sell house also!!

The concept was born of the intersection of two distinct stances,
no brand (Mujirushi) and the value of good items (ryohin).

Muji has 385 shops in Japan.
The simple but functional!
My recommendation is foods and snacks.
Especially Neri Ume (snack)!!!
This is a sour‐sweet plum :-)
Some of stationary and snacks can buy 『FamilyMart』(this is convenience store).

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daiso japan

shopping at Daiso

Daiso』is a shop selling everything! like foods,Japanese goods,stationery,cosmetics…etc.
And The price is all 100yen each!!!
But nowadays Daiso sells 300yen or 200yen, 500yen… also,
If there is no price tag, it is 100yen.

Daiso has shops at Haneda airport domestic terminal and
Kansai international airport.
These shop is not big but you can buy a gift only 100yen!
When I lived in Delhi, I always buy gifts here because each item is only 100yen and
I can buy many gifts!

Daiso has website but it is only for Japanese…
There are around 2800 shops in Japan, so you can find easily.
This is the most useful shop in Japan!!

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