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Popular gift,souvenir in Japan

I told you what is the popular for souvenir before.
If you missed it, please click here.

No.1 is….『Kitkat』
This is famous and everybody knows.
In Japan, there are lot of flavors.
I found kitkat shop 『Daimaru Tokyo』.
Daimaru is a famous department store.
The name of shop is『kit kat chocolatory

kitkat chocolatory
Kit Kat chocolate tolly is engaged in development since 2003.
Owner chef of “Le Patissier Takagi” , Mr.Yasumasa Takagi is fully supervised “Kit Kat”.
The shop name “Chocolatory” is combined the chocolatier and chocolate factory.
Shop of such forms are deployed in more than 70 countries and regions and
it is the world’s first attempt as a “Kit Kat” brand.

If you have a chance to go Tokyo,
Please visit and buy special kitkat for yourself and gift!

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japan souvenir

What will you buy for souvenir?

This is the Best 3 for souvenir!!!
This is the result of survey for foreigners who lives in Japan.

Do you know what’s the difference of Yukata and Kimono?
The shape is same but material is different.
And Yukata wear without underwear.But Kimono needs underwear.
Souvenir shop sells Yukata.

If you use chopsticks, you can eat slowly.Good for health!

In Japan,there are lots of flavors! Please check HERE.
Of course, NO.1 is 『Maccha』Green tea flavor.

This is 『Daruma』.
if your dream come true, you can write the eye like this!
This is Japanese traditional prayer style.

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Gift Pastry

Pastry for Gift

I love RaisinWich at Paris Ogawaken.
I’ve just ate RaisinWich…and forgot to take pic…

So please check their website! Paris Ogawaken
They has two shops in Tokyo.

Cookies on top and bottom are so soft but crispy and cream is smooth and just sweet enough!
Brandied raisin tastes good and muches with cream and cookies.

Please try yourself!
Once you try, you want to buy more!!!

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