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The best seat to see Mt.Fuji from train and air

When you travel from Tokyo to Nagoya,Osaka,Kyoto…(from east to west),
or travel from Osaka,Kyoto,Nagoya…to Tokyo(from west to east),
you can see Mt.fuji !

Bullet train
Both way, from east to west, west to east, please reserve “E” window seat.

Air is complicated…
・From Haneda to Komatsu, Chubu,Izumo,Fukuoka,Hiroshima,Nagasaki…”A“Left window.

・From Haneda to Osaka,Kansai,Naha,Miyazaki,Kagoshima,Kochi,Tokushima,Ishigaki,Amamioshima,Nanki shirahama,
…”k” Right window
・From Haneda to Kitakyushu,Kumamoto,Matsuyama,Oita,Okayama,Takamatsu,Yamaguchi Ube…
difficult to see because fly right above Mt.Fuji…

From above these airport to Haneda…”A” Left window.

But this is normal situation, up to condition…
I hope you can enjoy beautiful Mt.Fuji from train and air!!

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