japan rail pass

japan rail pass

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is offered by the six companies that make up
the Japan Railways Group.
You can go from Hokkaido(north) to Kagoshima (south) by JR!

This ticket is applicable for temporary visitor.
But take care! you can not get on any reserved or non-reserved seat on “NOZOMI”and “MIZUHO”.
These two are bullet train in Japanese “Shinkansen”.
But we have another bullet train like “Hikari” “Kodama” “Sakura”…etc.

bullet train

It takes about an hour from Haneda airport to Itami(Osaka) airport by airplane.
On the other hand, it takes 3hours from Tokyo to Shinosaka by bullet train “Hikari”.
But you can enjoy the beautiful view from the window.

Next, I will give you a special information, you can to see Mt. Fuji from train and air!
Mt Fuji from air

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