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Unique trains in Wakayama

There are unique trains in Wakayama.

This is Tama train.
taama train
Tama is the name of stationmaster of this line,Kishi station.
tama station master
She is Tama. Super cat!!!
If you want to know about Tama, please click here!

This is toy train.
toy train
Capsule toys
toy train
Displayed figures.
toy train

This is a strawberry train.
strawberry train
strawberry train

This is Kishigawa-line in Wakayama.
Many tourists come to Wakayama to take this train and to see Tama.

for more details, please click here!

kyoto japan

sightseeing in Kyoto

Last time, I introduce you 『Togetsukyo』in Arasihyama.
If you missed…please click here!
Today is…『Sagano senic train』.Sagano is a name of place.

This is a train.
sagano train
sagano train

Sagano train is a tourist train about 25 minutes ride leading to Kameoka Tamba
along the Hozu valley to base the Sagano.

Near Arashiyama station,there is 『Bamboo grove road』.
bamboo road
Here is very cool even in summer!
sagano bamboo
It is very whimsical.

When you return from Kameyama to Arashiyama,
You can ride 『Hozugawa river boat』.
This is very exciting! and you can back to Togetsukyo.

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train route finder

convenient site to find Train Route

You came to Japan and you’re now Shibuya.
and you want to go to Akihabara by train.
How do you check the way to Akihabara?

There is convenient web site!
The name is…【NORIKAE ANNAI】in japanese
means Train Route Finder.
Most Japanese also use these kind of sites to find train!


Train Route Finder
just input few things!
FYI Green=first class

result of norikae
↑ This is the result screen.
This means take JR Yamanote-line and change train at Yoyogi station to JR Chuo-Sobu line.
Total fare is JPY200. It takes 22min.
See!! you can reach your destination easily!!

There is an application for iphone and android.
Please check【NAVITME for Japan Travel】on iTunes App Store or Google Play.
But This is only for Tokyo and near Tokyo(metropolitan) area… :(
So better to use 【NORIKAE ANNAI】 because this site coveres all area and free!

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