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Last time, I introduce you 『Togetsukyo』in Arasihyama.
If you missed…please click here!
Today is…『Sagano senic train』.Sagano is a name of place.

This is a train.
sagano train
sagano train

Sagano train is a tourist train about 25 minutes ride leading to Kameoka Tamba
along the Hozu valley to base the Sagano.

Near Arashiyama station,there is 『Bamboo grove road』.
bamboo road
Here is very cool even in summer!
sagano bamboo
It is very whimsical.

When you return from Kameyama to Arashiyama,
You can ride 『Hozugawa river boat』.
This is very exciting! and you can back to Togetsukyo.

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