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summer feature in Japan

summer feature in Japan

When most japanese feels “the summer has came” ?
What is the summer feature in Japan?

1.Watch Fireworks
More than 5,000 fireworks festivals are held throughout Japan every year from July to August.
All Japanese likes fireworks because we can feel summer when we watch fireworks.
Young ladies wear “YUKATA” and watch fireworks with beer and food.
There are many stalls and we can enjoy food and drink.
The climax of any firework is a rapid-fire series of bursts called ‘star-mines’.
Hundreds of fireworks are launched to form a blazing curtain in the sky.
Unfortunately I could not go this year.
Still I cannot feel suumer…
If you have a chance to come to Japan in this season, please go to the fireworks festival!
It’s so gorgeous!
please check youtube → fireworks Japan

2.Beer Garden
“Beer garden” means the bar served mainly beer which is set up outside or rooftop of building.
It is opened only in summer from June to September.
See the pictures about beer garden→ click here
Japanese loves beer!
Of course, Not only Male but also young beautiful lady go beer garden to enjoy summer.
Nowadays there are fancy beer garden like “Hawaiian beer garden” with Hawaiian food and the Hula show!!
I’m going to go beer garden in this weekend!
This is the first time and the final of this summer.

3.Music festival
This is a common for other countries.
In Japan there are two major music festival.
One in Fuji rock festival.
This festival held in Ski slope at Naeba,Niigata!
The others is Summer Sonic in Osaka. We calls “samasoni”.
Of course, I couldn’t go…

How about your country??