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Rainy season in Japan

Okinawa has already started rainy season.
Rainy season starts from south to north.

rainy season

This is a statistical chart when the rainy season started.
In June, rainy season starts all over the Japan except Hokkaido.
No rainy season in Hokkaido!

In this season, keep on raining everyday but not so heavy You need umbrella.
Sometimes has chance of fair.

This is a statistical chart when the rainy season finished.
rain data

Rainy season lasts over one month…
After this season, The summer comes!!
But next, typhoon season starts till October…

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japan weather

The features of weather in Japan

Japan is a small country but weather is different from north and south.

This is a map.
japan map

This is a data from 1978~2007 shows average temperature and annual precipitation
in this 30 years. (refer to NOCS)
japan weather data

Average temperature in Sapporo is only 8.8℃(47.84°F).
On the other hand, Okinawa is 23℃(73.4°F).
Nagano is famous for “HAKUBA”. In winter, many foreigners and Japanese go there to enjoy ski.
In summer, many Japanese go to “KARUIZAWA” to enjoy cool summer due to high altitude.
Some rich people has a villa and stay here only in summer.
Japan is a very humid country so it gets really muggy in the summer…

There are rainy season in Japan from Jun to July.
And many typhoon hit Japan from June to October. Especially in August and September.
Most of Typhoon come from south of Japan so most of them hit Okinawa.
That’s why Okinawa has high precipitation.

It’s up to purpose but spring is the best season for tourists
because temparature is comfortable everywhere in Japanand less rain.
Also cherry blossom is so beautiful!
I love spring in Japan!!

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