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japan food

Japanese home cooking

This is my dinner.

Main dish : stir-fried Japanese mustard spinach and bologna sausage and egg.
Soup: Chinese taste soup with cabbage and carrots.
Rice : rice with mixed raw egg and soy sauce.

Japanese eat raw egg.
I also eat raw egg but only with rice.
This is so good! Egg in Japan can eat raw but better to eat except summer.
But I cannot drink raw egg like Rocky Balboa!

I will tell you about cooking in Japan.

The main is so easy.
【PREPARE】 for two
one bunch of Japanese mustard spinach
150g bologna sausage
2 eggs

soy sauce
1/2 tsp sugar

1. cut the japanese mustard spinach into 4-5cm.
and cut bologna sausage into 3-4mm and beat eggs with soy sauce and suger.
2. grease the pan and heat. then stir-fry the bologna sausage. then add Japanese mustard spinach.
3. add a dash of salt and egg.
4. add soy sauce then stir.

That’s it!!
Let’s try!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan food

How do you order sushi in Japanese?

This is Japanese lesson!
Most traveler goes to sushi restaurant.
So I tell you how to order sushi in Japanese.

awabi … abalone
Aji ….. horse mackerel
Anago …. conger eel
Iwashi … sardine
Saba ….. mackerel
Unagi …. eel
Akagai … red clam
Uni …… sea urchin
Ikura …. salmon roe
Ika …… calamari squid
Amaebi … sweet shrimp
kani ….. crab
Kazunoko … herring roe
Tachiuo …. swordfish
Tako ……. octopus
Tai …….. sea bream
Syako …… mantis shrimp
Buri ……. yellowtail
Hamachi …. young yellowtail
Maguro ….. tuna
Toro ……. fatty tuna
Chu toro … medium fatty tuna
Ootoro ….. fattest tuna
Horate ….. scallop

Let’s try to order sushi in Japanese!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan language

Japanese lesson

I tell you a useful sentence in Japanese.
Today’s situation is…at the restaurant.

・When you call staff.. in English “Excuse me.”
In Japanese 『sumimasen』Better to say with rise your right or left hand.

・When you order something…(for example beer) “Beer please.”
Japanese 『Beer Onegai-shimasu.』
You can change beer to other things like water,wine,ice cream…etc.

・When you want to say “yummy!” 『Oishii!』
This word make everybody smile!! 🙂

・When you would like to check…”check please”
『Okanjyo onegai shimasu』if you feel difficult 『check onegai shimasu』also fine!

・When you leave the restaurant…”That was great!”
『gochiso sama』

Most of Japanese cannot speak English so if you can speak Japanese only few words,
we feel happy!and we try to speak English!!

Please let me know if you have any comments!