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Tutorial for rolled egg

Japanese rolled egg “tamagoyaki” or “dashimaki” is a popular dish in Japanese breakfast or Bento(lunch box).
My mother cook tamagoyaki every morning.

The dirrefence of “tamagoyaki” and “dashimaki” is…
tamagoyaki…plain egg
dashimaki…flavor of dashi(Japanese soup stock made from fish)

I prefer dashimaki!

It looks easy to cook but actually difficult to roll…
I’m still not good… need practice!

・3 eggs
・soy sauce

【How to】
1. Beat all eggs with little sugar,soy sauce and dashi.
2. Heat the pan with oil.
3. put into the pan 2/3 of eggs and gather.
rolled egg
4. add egg and wrap gathered egg (procedure 3) repeat 2 times.
rolled egg
5. cooling and cut rolled egg on the cutting board.
rolled egg

↑ looks bad… need more prctice!
There are exclusive square shaped pan for making Tamagoyaki.
better to use it!
like this! https://goo.gl/R0dUMD

Let’s try for your breakfast or lunch!!

Please let me know if you have any comments!