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Traffic rules in Japan

Do you know traffic rules in Japan?

The basic is…
Obey all traffic lights and road signs.
Pedestrians walk on the right side of the road.
Cars and bicycles drive on the left.
On the road, pedestrians’ safety is the highest priority.
Use your headlights when it is dark.
Do not drink and drive.
While driving, fasten your seat belt.
Children under 6 must use a child seat.
While driving, do not use mobile phone.

If you want to drive a car in Japan, you need below.
driver’s licence issued in Japan or
international driver’s license or
driver’s licence issued in Switzerland / Slovenia / france / Belgium / Monaco / Taiwan
attached with the document translate into Japanese

Car has to drive on left and always has to follow the signals and signs.
Before drive please learn more for your own safety!
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