Kobe Japan

Kobe Mt. Rokko

Kobe has lot of place to see and known as fashionable!
Many tourist visit Kobe.

I introduce to you the place 『Mt.Rokko』.
You can enjoy day and night!
Especially night is amazing!
The city lights from Mt.Rokko
Look! The city lights are beautiful from Mt.Rokko Garden terrace!

In japan, there are 3 places famous for The city lights at night.
① Mt.Hakodate Hakodate city, Hokkaido
② Mt.MAYA Kobe city,Hyogo
③ Mt.Inasa, Nagasaki city, Nagasaki

Mt. Maya is near Mt.Rokko.
There is the place called『Kikusei dai』.
You can see the most beautiful city lights from Kikuseidai.
If you stay in Kobe, please visit.
Your girlfriend or wife will be enchanted with the extremely beautiful scenery…and you♡

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