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sightseeing in Okinawa

Do you know 『Sefa-utaki』?
Utaki means holy place.
Long time ago, the God lived here.
Sefa Utaki is included as one of Okinawa’s World Heritage sites.

Here is 50min by car from Naha airport. refer to google map ↓
map sefa-utaki
Here is entrance.
The road is stone‐paved and there are steep slopes so please do not wear shoes with heels.
It is dangerous.
sefa utaki
stone paved road

After around 200 meters walk, you reach the rock tunnel shaped triangle.
Then pass through this tunnel…
you can see 『Kudaka island』.
Kudaka island
Everybody believe Kudaka island was made by God. This is holy island made by God.
These tree looks like a flame. Beautiful photo!

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