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japan sightseeing

sightseeing in Shirahama,Wakayama

Shirahama is famouse as hot spring(onsen) and beautiful sea with white sand.
This white beach is called “Shirarahama” and here is a sister city Waikiki, Oahu.

In summer, many people visit Shirahama like this!

There are airport in Shirahama. The name is “Nanki-Shirahama”.
Japan Airlines has 3 flights a day from Haneda airport and it takes around 1 hour.

There are many pleace to see but most famous place is…
adventure world“!!
Here is an amusement park and you can meet many kinds of animals and enjoy animal show.
Twin baby panda has born in 2nd of Dec. 2014!
They are super cute!
You must-visit!!

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Japan Hakuba

ski and onsen in Hakuba, Nagano

Hakuba in Nagano is the famouse place for ski in winter.
Hakuba in winter
Many foreigners come to Hakuba to enjoy ski and hotspring in Japanese “onsen”

Do you know the reason why many torists visits Hakuba?
The answer is… ‘quality of snow’. like powder!!

After ski, you can enjoy hotspring!!
Onsen can warm your body and make you happy!

In summer…
Hakuba in summer
Japanese loves to travel to Hakuba in summer because we can enjpy cool temperature owing to high altitudes.

Let’s go to Hakuba and now you can make good experience for special snow like powder.

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onsen japan

how to soak in the hot spring

Do you know how to soak in the hot spring??
hot spring

1.Before enter the tub, wash your body.
2.Pour water your body and get used to the temperature before enter the tub
3.Don’t soak your towel and your hair!
4.Wipe your body with your hand towel before you go back to changing room.

When your body warms up, step out your upper body or breaks!
This is important!!

Sometimes,Wild monkeys come and enjoy open-air bath.
monkey in the hot spring!

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