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Intangible cultural heritage “Washi” (Japanese handmade paper)

UNESCO, which is held in Paris (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Intangible Cultural Heritage Intergovernmental Committee on the 26th Nov.2014,
registration of “handmade Japanese paper technology” is officially was decided.
It had been registered in 2009, “it (cough late) Ishi-shu rice paper” to (Shimane Prefecture Hamada),
“this Minogami (HonMino-shi)” (Gifu Mino) and “Hosokawa paper (Hosokawa) “(Saitama Ogawa, Higashichichibu)
was added, it was supposed to be registered as a” paper “.

Also,you can make hand made paper in Tokyo!
If you would like to try please check here!

This is postcard.
handmade postcard

Intangible cultural heritage, arts and festivals, such as the target traditional craft techniques
and social customs.
From Japan, 22 such as last year’s “traditional food culture of Japanese Japanese” are registered.

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