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Data shows that the average area of a single property in Japan is 94.13 m².
The average for Toyama, 151.37 m², is the largest, followed by Fukui and Akita.
Properties near the Japan Sea coast area have bigger areas than in other locations.
On the other hand, the average for Tokyo, 63.94 m², is the smallest,
while other big cities such as Osaka and Kanagawa also tend to have smaller areas.

These days we can see many very tall skyscraper apartment buildings and public apartments,
reflecting the lack of available land for housing. Nationally, on average,
about 52 percent of houses are purchased.
However, the proportion of purchased houses in the 23 districts of Tokyo is only about 24 percent. In Tokyo,
the number of purchased apartments is 19 percent, while the figure for rental apartments,
28 percent, is the highest in the country.
The national average for rented apartments as a proportion of all homes is about 13 percent,
so the rental rate in Tokyo has reached twice the national average.

The homeownership rate is increasing among people in their 30s,
and has reached more than 60 percent for those in their 40s.
Properties are very expensive in Japan but it seems that people still like to own their own home if they can.
Even though new apartments are increasing in number, people continue to enjoy traditional Japanese aesthetics
and there are many homes which still have at least one Japanese-style room.

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