japan festival

Girls’ festival

Tomorrow on 3rd of MAR. is Girls’ festival “HINAMATSURI” in Japanese.
The family who have a daughter display dolls like this.
hina dolls
This is a traditional style of dolls.
On the top, The Emperor and the Empress are displayed.
On 2nd, three court ladies,
On 3rd, five musicians,
On 4th, two ministers,
On 5th, three servants,
On 6th to 7th, furniture and food are displayed.

We start to display these dolls in February, and store them away immediately after the festival.
Because we believe that leaving the dolls will be result in late marriage for daughter.

Nomally we eat
small rice cracker
rice cracker
diamond shaped rice cake
chirashi sushi
drink clam soup
clam soup
and sake.

These are typical Girls’ festival style in Japan.

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