japan snack

which sancks is the most popular for American?

I watched one TV program in Japan.
US people try to eat Japanese snacks and determine which is the best for US people.

No.5 “FU”
Brown sugar fluffy sweets of Japanese Fried-dough…It’s very difficult to explain.
Taste is sweet and inside is like a cotton candy.
Brown color is brown sugar.

No.4 “baby star ramen”
baby star noodle
This is a chicken flavor dry noodle. You can eat noodle without hot water.

No.3 “Umai bo”
Everybody says ‘like cheetos!’

No.2 “Miyako kombu”
This is a kelp.
This is also difficult to explain… It is mixed sweet and sour taste.
Everybody says good for health.

No.1 “kinako bo”
This is a rice cake with soybean flour.
Japanese traditional sweets.
Sweet and healthy!

All snacks you can buy at convenience store like seven eleven, family mart, lawson etc.
Let’s try!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

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