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The latest Sakura(cherry blossoms) forecast in Japan

This is the latest sakura forecast issued in 13th MAR.
sakura forecast

It was so cold in this week, but temperature is higher than average on next week.
Finally the spring will come!

This is the detail for major city.
KOCHI start to bloom…19th Mar. full bloom…28th Mar.
FUKUOKA start to bloom…22nd Mar. full bloom…31st Mar.
OSAKA start to bloom…26th Mar. full bloom…4th Apr.
NAGOYA start to bloom…25th Mar. full bloom…3rd Apr.
TOKYO start to bloom…25th Mar. full bloom…2nd Apr.
SENDAI start to bloom…9th Apr. full bloom…14th Apr.
SAPPORO start to bloom…3rd MAY. full bloom…7th May.

We are waiting for your visit!!
This is the best season to visit JAPAN!

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