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TOP 10 surname in Japan

No.10 Kato
No.9 Yamamoto
No.8 Kobayashi
No.7 Nakamura
No.6 Ito
No.5 Watanabe
No.4 Tanaka
No.3 Takahashi
No.2 Suzuki
No.1 Sato

There are 300,000 kinds of surname in Japan.
The No.1 is “Sato”!
The population of Japan is approximately 120 million.
Sato is approx 1.9million people and this is 1.5% of population in Japan.

There are 5.3 million people who has the name of Sato, Suzuki, Takahashi from top3 to 1,
this is 4% of population.

You will meet many Sato, Suzuki and Takahashi when you are in Japan!

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