japan Fukuoka

sightseeing in Fukuoka

Do you know 『Kawa kudari』?
kawakudari in yanagawa
This is kawa kurari, means down the river by boat.
Here is 『Yanagawa』city in Fukuoka takes about 1hour from Fukuoka airport.

kawakudari in Yanagawa
You can through under the low bridge!
Mind your head!!! This is narrow and low!
kawakudari @yanagawa
wild? duck is swimming.That feels good, huh?
wild duck in the river
Green is beautiful in summer.
I went there in August.

On the way, there are some shops. We can buy beer,non-alcohol,ice cream…etc.

A man who control this boat guide us about Yanagawa,and end of this tour,he sing a song!!
This tour is so nice. I felt like flow the time slowly…

After this tour, please try 『seiro mushi』
seiro mushi
This is famous food in Yanagawa area.
The fish is an eel. Very Soft and juicy!!
Eel and rice, soup, japanese pickles.
There are lots of eel restaurant.
Please try kawa kudari and seiromushi in Yanagawa!!!

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