Japan Nara

Must-visit in Nara

Nara is historical place.There are lots of temples.

This is the most famous temnple 『Todaiji
todaiji gate
Many tourists visits this temple through the world.

After through the gate…
This is a big bronze statue of Buddha (Buddha in Japanese『Daibutsu』).
The height is 15 meters!!

Around Todaiji, there are big park. This is Nara park.
A lot of deer lives in this park.
snack shop
This is a snack shop for deer!
These deer makes queue to buy snack :-))
It’s just a joke!!
we can buy snacks called 『Shika senbei』for deer and feed!
they looks cute but take care!!
feed deer
They are lucky☆ they got lots of snacks from shop owner!!
Cute baby deer♡
cute deer

The best season to visit here is in autumn.
autumn in Nara
Leaves turns red. In japanese 『Koyo』
So beautiful!

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