kyoto japan

sightseeing in Kyoto

Today’s spot is…
kiyomizu dera

The main hall constructed over a cliff and featuring a large wooden veranda
supported by 139 pillars, each 49 feet high!

In Japan there is a word “Jump off from the stage of KIYOMIZU”.
there is a stage that was made by the overhang on high cliffs.
About 300 years back,Jump off from the cliff and settled without injury at the time of your wish will be achieve,
or you can go heaven, so total 234 people throw himself/herself from the stage.
About jump off the stage, mean “prepared to die”.
But nowadays we use this word as proverb like this ↓
When you buy expensive one, for example, when I buy Harry Winston diamond ring,
“I jumped off from the stage of Kiyomizu to buy Harry Winston diamond ring!”

Please check yourself how high the stage of Kiyomizu!
But do not jump!!!!!!!

this is the Kiyomizu in spring with cherry blossom!
cherry blossom Kiyomizu
This is in autumn!
koyo kiyomizu
Leaves turned red!

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