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japan holiday

Children’s day on 5th May

5th May is national holiday as “children’s day”.
This is a celebration for boys.

Boy’s parents display colorful carp banners or samurai helmet.
in Japanese “Koinobori”.
This pole is 5-6 meters tall, on windy days, the carps look like swimming in the sky!

in Japanese “Kabuto.

Many parents display them hoping that children will grow up with health and happiness.

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japan holiday

Japanese style BBQ

Yesterday was holiday so
I had a barbecue party!
Total 2kg beef,poak and chicken! for 8 people!!
But we couldn’t eat all…

Here is “Hattori ryokuchi” in Osaka and huge park and has pool, children’s playground,tennis court and you can enjoy horse back riding!
Some of place can enjoy BBQ.

Before eat…

This is eggplant, pumpkin, shiitake mushroom, beef and wienerwurst.
After eat main BBQ, we start to cook “Yakisoba”.
This is typical japanese style!

We BBQ party lasts from 11:00am to 16:00pm!
In this season is the best to enjoy barbecue.

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japan holiday

Japan holiday “Golden week”

Everybody says “The Japanese works hard!”
That’s right!
But in this Japan, there are holiday week called “Golden week and silver week”!
In this year,most of companies will close from 2nd May to 6th May.
This is Golden week.

Normally,Working time in Japan is 5 days a week.
Saturday and Sunday is off.

2nd May…Saturday (weekly off)
3rd May…Sunday but Constitution Day (national holiday)
4th May…Greenery Day (national holiday)
5th May…Children’s Day (national holiday)
6th May…a substitute holiday of Constitution day.

Many Japanese go somewhere to travel with family.
Because it is very difficult to get off on normal day.
So there are no chance to travel except this Golden week.
But in this season, it become expensive travel fee, hotel fee…etc.

So you’d better to come to Japan except this holiday.
Because there are many people all over Japan like Easter!!

I have a barbecue on this Golden holiday:-)

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