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japanese food crab

Now, crab is in season.
So, I traveled to Kasumi,Hyogo to eat crab.
Actually I go to Hyogo to eat crab every year in January.

Before eat… Cheers!cheers

These are all crab!!
sashimi, grilled crab, crab pod, boiled crab …
crab! crab! crab!!!

I was in the mood to splurge.

If you come to Japan in this season, I strongly recommend to try to eat crab!

Please let me know if you have any comments!

japan food

Japanese food ~prologue~

What comes to your mind when you hear Japanese food??
Most of people says 『sushi』『Tempura』.

Of course These are Japanese food.
We like Sushi and Tempura!!
But We Japanese eat typical Japanese food like Sushi,Tempura
for special occasion.(but not so special)
Because they are expensive if we ate at restaurant…:-(

So I’d like to you know we have many kinds of Japanese food.

In Japan,No restrictions on religion.
Next time, I introduce general Japanese food we like!!
If you read this category, you can enjoy real Japanese food.
See U soon!!

I’m waiting your questions and impressions!
Please give me a comment!!