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japan food

Japanese food “B-grade gourmet”

“B-grade gourmet” means the casual dining enjoyable with reasonable price
such as curry rice, ramen (noodle), chow mein… and so on.
Ordinary but tasty !!
Japanese loves B-grade gourmet.

Japanese curry with sticky rice.
curry with rice

Ramen. soup noodle.

Yakisoba = Chow mein

You can eat B-grade gourmet everywhere.
Especially Japanese loves Ramen.
Every magazine has a special section about ranking of Ramen restaurants.
I also go to ramen restrants once a week!
You can not miss ramen if you come Japan!!!

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japan food

Japanese food

Today’s Japanese food is…
『Ramen』= Noodle.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle and soup dish.
Ramen noodles are made by mixing flour, salt, food additive alkaline water, eggs and other ingredients.
There are various different shapes of noodle for example, straight, curly,
which is suited to different kinds of soups that vary in texture and thickness.
Soup stock for ramen may be made from seafood, chicken bones, pork bones, etc.
It is seasoned with soy sauce, miso, salt, etc.

these are cup noodle.
cup noodle
Instant noodles with freeze-dried vegetables and soup are sold in a plastic handleless cup.
Just pour hot water into the cup and wait for three minutes!
That’s it!!
This is good for souvenir :-)

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